Chapter 6 - Other Goldmaking Addons

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Quickly Vendor Jewelcrafting Gems With The AutoVendor Addon

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So now that you know about the big three addons it is time to take a look at the world of other goldmaking addons. To install any of these addons simply follow the instructions in the previous chapter. I'm including instructions on how to use the more complicated addons but for some of the other addons I'll just provide a link and a description. If you find that you would like to have instructions added for any addon included in this list please send me an e-mail and I'll consider adding it to this guide. :)


Orecrusher is a great addon for anyone with jewelcrafting. It figures out the profit you can make by prospecting either Obsidum, Elementium, or Pyrite ore. In addition you can configure it to also figure out the profit if you have an alchemist to transmute and/or an enchanter to disenchant any jewelry made.

Once you have downloaded Orecrusher you need to type /orecrusher to bring up the application. The first thing you will want to do is set up the options. Click on the "Options" button to bring up the window. Here you can choose which price database you want Orecrusher to use to determine prices; set Orecrusher to account for having a transmute specced alchemist; set Orecrusher to account for profits gained by cutting rare gems and turning enchanting materials into scrolls; and set the size of the Orecrusher window.

Once you have these options set you can begin to use Orecrusher. First search the auction house for some ore you want to prospect. Enter the number of stacks along with the price of the ore and hit "DO IT!". Orecrusher will calculate the values and should look like this.

Now if you have an alchemist capable of transmutes and/or an enchanter you will want to open the Transmute and Disenchant windows. To do this simply click the "Disenchant Values" and "Transmute Values" button. Orecrusher will now tell you whether to disenchant, vendor, sell on the auction house raw, or transmute each gem. Because they are in two different windows, however, it is possible to get conflicting advice. For instance, Orecrusher might tell you to transmute in one window and to disenchant in another. If this happens you want to look at the Total value. Simply choose the advice from the window with the higher total value to get the most profit.

You now have an easy way to calculate your profit when doing the shuffle! Be glad you don't have to use spreadsheets for this anymore and have fun using Orecrusher!


Panda is another great addon that is useful for crafting. It was originally made to make disenchanting easier but it can now be used for other professions as well. Personally I use it for disenchanting and prospecting due to its ease of use.

Once you have installed Panda simply type /panda to bring it up. Simply select the profession you want to use on the right, the individual type of action you want to perform on the left, and then select which action you want to do in the middle.


LilSparky's Workshop is another great and easy to use addon. The addon simply adds some columns to your trade skill window indicating the crafting cost and the finished price of any items you can make. Once you have downloaded it simply open your trade skill window to use LilSparky's. On the right you will see the cost to craft while on the left you will see the value of the finished product.

Right click over the displays and you can change your display options and choose how LilSparky's will determine the values it uses. Under display options you can choose to show values as a percentage, have a single column that just shows the profit/loss for making the item, and/or showing the item levels.

If you scroll down to "Value Module" you can choose which addon database you want to use to determine item values. In addition, if you choose Auctioneer, you can choose which value to pull from Auctioneer. I recommend using the "auctioneer market" database as that one is is generally the best approximation of an items true value.


Skillet is another great crafting addon. Using Skillet you can sort, group, and search for items to craft. In addition you can queue up numerous items to be made and craft them all with one button.

Once you have Skillet installed simply open your trade skill window to bring up Skillet. Your trade skill window should look different from normal. You can group, sort, or search for an item to craft in the top left of the window.

Once you have chosen an item to make you can either queue or create all (queue is used to create a list of different items you want to craft) or type in the number that you want to queue up or craft. If you hit create you will immediately start to craft the particular item. If you are queuing up multiple items simply hit the "Process" button to begin the crafting process.

Skillet, like TradeSkillMaster, can also be used to purchase necessary crafting materials from vendors. To do this simply queue up all the items you want to craft and go to a vendor that sells the items you need to craft the items. You should now see a "Buy Reagents" button in the vendor window. Simply click this button to buy everything you need!

Personally I combine Skillet with LilSparky's Workshop as they work very well together. With both addons installed you can easily see which items can be crafted for a profit, queue them all up, buy any crafting materials you need from the vendor, and craft everything. So have fun crafting!


Accountant - This is a great addon that tracks your spending and income. Simply type /accountant to bring it up.

Analyst - Another addon that tracks income and expenditures. Check it out with Accountant and see which one you prefer.

Gathermate2, Gathermate Data and RecipeProfit (for GatherMate2) - Download all of these. They will show you the spawn points for herbs, ore, and rare recipes that you can buy from vendors and sell for a profit.

TradeForwarder - Assuming someone else with the addon is in a major city this will forward all of the trade messages to you when you are outside the city.

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