Chapter 4 - Auctionator

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WoW Gold Making - Choosing the Right Undercut Price With Auctionator 

WoW Addon Auctionator: Fast Selling and Profession Searches How To 

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Auctionator is a great lightweight addon that enables you to easily buy, sell, scan, and search the auction house. Personally I tend to use it to buy items in bulk and to sell items that I don't have set up in TradeSkillMaster.

In order to set up Auctionator first click on the "Buy" tab in the bottom of your window and then click the "options" button in the top right.

Under Basic Options you have a number of choices to make.

  1. Check "Enable alt-key shortcut" so that when you hold down the Alt key and click an item in your bags it places it into the Auctionator slot and scans for the item.
  2. If you check "Automatically open all bags" your bags will automatically open when you click one of the Auctionator tabs.
  3. Check "Show Starting Price on the Sell Tab" to have the starting price show.
  4. Check "Set a default duration" in order to choose how long to list your auctions.

Check on Tooltips to set up what information your Auctionator tooltips will have. You can set it up so that your Auctionator tooltips will show vendor, auction house, and/or the dissenchant price. You can also choose whether you want the tooltip to show the individual or stack price and whether or not to show the disenchanting details.

Go to the "Undercutting" category in order to set how much you want Auctionator to undercut auctions - determined by the buyout price of the item you are selling. Under the "Selling" tab you can set up categories and choose how many items Auctionator will put in a stack and how many stacks Auctionator will try to sell when selling items in the categories. Under the "Database" tab you can set what quality of item you want Auctionator to keep in its database, see how much memory Auctionator is using, and how many days you want Auctionator to remember prices for. Under the "Clears" tab you can have Auctionator clear its scanning history, posting history, stacking preferences, and/or shopping lists (snatch lists). Now that you have Auctionator set up it is time to sell something.


In my opinion buying is where Auctionator truly shines. In order to buy something click the "buy" tab at the bottom of the window and type in the item you want to search for in the top search bar.

As you can see, if more than one item matches the search term you enter you will get a list of all items that match your search along with their lowest price. Simply click on the item you are interested from the list to bring up a list of all the auctions for that particular item (in the pic below I clicked on Borean Leather Scraps).

In order to buy simply select the auction you want to buy and click the "buy" button at the bottom of the window. This is how I buy items in bulk as you don't have to select every single auction in the auction house since Auctioneer automatically groups auctions by price.


Setting up a snatch, or shopping, list in Auctionator is easy but they function a bit differently from the ones in Auctioneer. Unlike Auctioneer you don't set a price to search for in Auctioneer, instead you group a few items together into a list. Auctioneer will then search for all of the items in the list and come up with a list of all the lowest price auctions currently listed. In order to set up a shopping list you need to click on the "New Shopping List" button in the bottom right of the window and name your list.

In order to add items to your list select the list in the top left corner of the auction house window. Then search for the item you want to add and click "Add Item" in the bottom left of the window.

Once you have added all of the items that you want to your list you can go ahead and perform a search. To do this just click the "Search for All Items" button in the bottom left and Auctionator will list all of the items that match in the search window.

Selling with Auctionator

Selling with Auctionator is very simple and straight forward. Simply click on the "Sell" tab at the bottom of your auction house window. Then drag the item you want to sell into the selling box. Auctionator will automatically scan for the item and pull up a list of all current auctions on the auction house. Set the price and stack information on the left side of the window and the click the "Create Auction" button and you're done!

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